My work

How to bring digital to Parliament?

In a broad role, I planned and delivered work for two general elections, a cyber attack, three large-scale rollouts, and our COVID-19 response.

Delivering a multi-channel cyber security campaign, I drafted and delivered comms, commissioned work, and met with senior staff and the Speaker to discuss our work.

As part of the campaign, I gave a persona to 'Cyber Guy', our character who embodies Parliament's persistant cyber threat, brought to life through image and video.

An illustration of the Cyber Guy character

Leading on engagement for Parliament's new website, I built an engagement strategy which delivered a year-long plan to introduce parliament to our development work.

I piloted organisation-wide show and tells, live-streaming these to our audience. A first in Parliament, my passion for video made this a success, with many teams after my expertise.

I take pride in my work, and an active interest in Parliament. From attending every Speaker's lecture since joining, chatting to Lords, to visiting Strangers (the gallery and the bar), I have made the most of being in Parliament.